How to Write an Economics Research Paper: Definition and Concept

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Humans according to scientific facts are complex creatures their make up is as a result of division of many cells or in biological terms multi-cellular. Science subjects like biology is a course dedicated to studying this wonderful phenomenon and excellence in biology essay is a sure way of achieving expertise in the field. So why talk about science when the topic is on economics? Economics is a science course the different is that compared to biology or other pure scientific subjects like chemistry and physics, economics deals with human behavior to changes making it a social science. So as biology study’s the composition of man social sciences like economics, anthropology, sociology, marketing, geography, political science, psychology etc studies the aspect of human attitude in relations to environmental factors like change is weather, government, prices, demand and supply, scarcity, economy, finance, health, etc. Economics research paper is therefore written by students reading economics as a profession or as a requirement in any social science courses.

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Definition and concept:

The subject economy has no specific definition it has been defined in many ways by different economist however the most acceptable one is by Professor (Lord) Lionel C. Robbins. He defined economics as “the science which studies human behavior as a relationship between ends and scarce means which have alternative uses.

Therefore economics is base on the concept that human’s wants are limited, because of scarce resources

Writing economics research paper is different from writing economics essay paper. Research paper unlike essay paper requires more intensive and extensive extended research activities like completing surveys, questionnaires, and statistical analysis and research paper methodology. That said, there are some research topics that may not require statistical analysis. Essays paper on the other hand needs no statistical confirmation but a good dose of information gathering. In view of this facts how then can a topic be identified to be research or essay?

Any topic that requires a statistical confirmation or in-depth research data is said to be a research paper e.g. US trading policies and its impact on the global economy.

Essay topic paper example; the roles of economics in a nation’s building

The first topic has a variable that requires confirmation and it can be done statistically, or by obtaining statistical facts, and supporting with very useful facts from other sources.

How to write economics research paper:

  1. The first step is to obtain the research paper rubrics for the assignment. Rubrics are grading principle enacted by educational authorities. It is use for grading students write up in this case economics research paper. It spells out different parameters required for grading writing assignment. Knowing the rubrics of a research paper makes writing easy, focus, and grade friendly meaning observing and executing the tenets found therein ensures good grades. That is not surprising because you would have had estimated results of your score before it is officially handed to you
  2. The parts of a research paper. They are the format that must be covered while writing economics research paper, adequate knowledge of these component of a research paper is needed for writing and they are; abstract, research paper proposal, research paper outlines, research paper methodology, and research.
  3. Research paper title. Choose and interesting title one pricks your fancy and passion. You maybe given list of titles to choose from, or simply requested to generate one from a list of prompts. This case is better than when requested to choose a title but you will be restricted and not have a chance of been served with a topic of you choice.

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  • Cite all work using APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard format research paper
  • Learn how to write the various types of essay e.g. argumentative, controversial, description, persuasion, definition essay etc. Knowing this will ensure that you interpret and write topic properly
  • essay outlines like; thesis, introduction, body and conclusion must be adopted to write the paper

Economics is a very important subject the development of a nation is dependent on its activities. Pupils studying this subject are often requested to write economics research paper.