Steps for Writing a Personal Experience Essay

Knowing How to Write Personal Experience Essays

More often than not the simplest of tasks can be the hardest to execute, alike is the case with writing a personal experience essay.

This is one of those types of essay which are based on a personal occurrence and the impact of that event / occurrence on one’s life, for writing such an essay all that matters is recalling an apt incident and penning it down in a manner to help the readers comprehend the significance of the incident. These types of essays unlike any other essays require no research.

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Essays on personal experiences are usually common middle school essay topics.

To further simplify the scripting of a personal account essay our expert panel of writers at have enlisted some vital points for writers attempting these essays:

The success of personal experience is majorly dependent on the topic and recalling of an appropriate incident to write about. Hence, a write must take time to brainstorm and recollect an incident which has impacted him deeply.

Essay Outline
After the selecting a suitable topic it is essential for a writer to draft an essay outline and list all the significant points of the incident. An essay outline in this type of an essay acts as a catalyst for the writer to recollect the incident better, and it also helps in structuring and formatting the essay. Therefore it is vital for writers to know how to write an essay outline.

The final essay
There are a few vital points that all writers must keep in mind while writing the main body of a personal experience essay, some of which include:

  • To write the essay in simple past or past continuous tense
  • Try not to deviate from the topic of the essay
  • A thesis statement is not very vital in a personal experience essay and can be written in the conclusion.
  • Be creative and try to express every though and emotion very clearly

The conclusion
The conclusion of this type of an essay is a very vital part of the essay as it is responsible for narrating the impact that the entire incident has had on the writer and the ways in which the writer has been affected or his learning’s from the experience. The writer must take care to express his thoughts and emotions aptly in the conclusion.

After completely scripting the personal experience essay, the writer must proofread the essay to check if it is free from all grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

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