Suggested Chemistry Essay Topics

Chemistry Essay Topics

Choosing an essay topic is the first critical step in writing any type of essay. Writing a chemistry essay or a chemistry research paper is not that easy because the topics involved in this subject or course may prove to be too technical. Many essay writers hesitate to choose a topic for the very reason that they may not adequately discuss it. In fact, most of the usual topics used in a chemistry essay may become intimidating. However, students should realize that there is an easy way out in writing this essay.

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Chemistry is an applied science and the mechanics of chemistry is in our midst. In fact, we may not know it but we do interact with them every single day of our life. To help you ease out your problem on choosing a topic, here are some suggestions from

Here are some Chemistry essay topics suggestions from

  • Atmospheric pollution and climate c
  • Waste materials and recycling
  • Removing toxic substances in the air
  • History of chemistry
  • The sub discipline of chemistry
  • Lindane as an environmental toxin
  • Decaffeinating coffee
  • How medicines are forumulated
  • Adding fluorine to water: ethical or not?
  • How soda cans are made?
  • Identifying the toxicity of substance
  • Health hazards of hairspray
  • How to combat environmental hazards caused by chemicals
  • Identifying the safety profile of medicines

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