How to Choose a Great Essay Title

How to Choose a Great Essay Headline

Mastering how to choose a title is more of an art than a science. Choosing a good  title for your essay requires the skill of a master artist.

A compelling title will draw in the reader, and hold his or her interest. Read on to find all you need to learn on how to choose an essay title that will capture the attention of your audience.


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Follow These Steps to Create a Standout Title

Follow these simple steps to help you develop a title that will grab the immediate attention of your readers.

Essay Title Page Sample

  • Brainstorm, avoid selecting the first name for the essay that comes to mind
  • Cater to your audience and learn how to write your title that sparks their interest
  • Imagine yourself as the reader, this will help you to determine how to choose a title that would draw the reader in
  • State the topic of the content, a great essay name must include the key subject of the paper to inform the reader of what to inspect in the essay
  • For greater impact consider a two stage title incorporating this format; “Topic ABC – The Complete and Candid Truth”


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Why is it Important to Have an Interesting Essay Headline?

One of the first things you will be taught when learning how to write an essay is the importance of an interesting title. The most obvious reason to have an interesting title is to encourage the reader to continue reading. In reviewing a list of good title examples, each title will have one thing in common. The titles of the essays will spark interest with the reader.

The essay headline presents the reader with your talent. If the title is bad the reader will conclude that the article is bad, even before they read the first paragraph. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and first impressions last a lifetime.

Continue reading and see some great essay name examples later in this article. Use them as a guideline for essays you write yourself.


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How to Avoid Choosing a Bad Essay Heading?

In your quest to learn how to write a title for your essay that is fantastic, you need to consider what may constitute a bad one. Sift through title examples online. Review your own list of what you thought were great essay headlines. You will soon realize that not all essays and their titles are created equal.

As you critique your own list of titles you will begin to distinguish the great ones from the bad ones in a side by side comparison. For essays you write yourself avoid these mistakes:

  • A title that does not address the subject matter
  • A title that is too short and uninteresting
  • A title that is too long and gives away the entire punch line


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What are Some Great Titles?

Check out these title examples. For those of you who know how to write an essay but can’t decide on a title, a service like ours can provide a list of great essay titles even for essays you write yourself. Your essay will stand out with a title like one of these:

  • Change the System, Would a Revamp of Our Election Process Fix Our Country?
  • Invasion of Our Privacy, Should We Allow a Camera on Every Street Corner?
  • Drinking and Driving, How Much is Too Much, and Who is To Blame?
  • Romeo and Juliet, is The Story Really About True Unconditional Love?


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