Perfect Research Paper Outline

What Makes a Perfect Outline?

When you ask yourself, “what is a research paper,” the simple response is that a research paper or thesis is a detailed answer to a compelling question. Your outline is a roadmap of your paper to help you complete your thesis and respond to the question. Like any roadmap, you need a starting point, the destination, and the route you take along the way. In the case of your research paper framework, the starting point is the topic. The destination is the conclusion of your thesis. The route you take is the content or body of your research paper. Let us help you develop a thorough  outline for your next thesis paper project.



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Why a Great Outline Is Important

A thorough and high-quality outline of the paper is extremely important. It is the foundation for a great research paper. A well-prepared outline establishes the baseline for a superior thesis and will guide you to prepare an organized, well-thought-out dissertation.

Your research paper framework provides the opportunity to organize your thoughts, brainstorm ideas, and ensures that you cover all of the required aspects of a properly prepared dissertation. An outline is your guide and will help you funnel your thoughts and ideas to the proper segment of your thesis.

When your professor asks in class, “what is a research paper,” you can respond by telling him or her about the three critical elements of a thesis and provide your research paper plan as an example.


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How Should Your Research Paper Framework Be Presented?

Research Paper Outline

There are two basic types of research work outlines: a detailed outline and a skeleton or summary outline. In each case, the research paper format is the same and includes these three key elements:

  • Topic: the key thought, statement, or argument of the thesis
  • Body: the main content of your dissertation
  • Conclusion: the answer to the thesis question or your opinion complete with supporting evidence

In the case of the skeleton outline, the three key elements are listed in point form. If you are compiling a detailed outline, you will utilize the same three steps but will include key data for each sequence. You can find research paper examples for both styles of outlines.


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What Happens If You Have a Bad Research Paper Plan?

If you fail to prepare a thorough outline, the quality of your final results will suffer. You may find that your thesis or dissertation is missing key steps. If your outline is missing key elements, your final research paper format will also be incomplete. This becomes evident in research paper examples, where a key element has been omitted.

When you start to write your dissertation paper, you may discover that the writing becomes more difficult due to lack of data or ideas. You may struggle while composing your thesis.

As a final note, some college professors may want to review your outline. It is important to keep your research paper format or outline handy for review by your professor at a later date.


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How Do You Know If You’ve Written a Great Outline?

When you begin to write your final thesis, you will know in a moment whether or not you have written a great research paper framework. If you can sit down and write freely with little thought or limited additional research, you will know that your thesis outline was excellent.

Review your outline for completeness prior to writing your thesis. A comprehensive research paper format will include the three key elements: a topic, a body, and a conclusion. If you address all three elements in your research paper format, your dissertation outline is complete. If you study a few research paper examples, you will find all three components in any great outline.


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